Adding Custom Responses

Adding Custom Responses to the "Additional Information" NVD Question

In the release, Outcross Systems has introduced a hassle-free method for incorporating "Additional Information" from the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) with a simple tick box in Stockyard. This enables you to quickly and easily add NVD responses to the additional information question on the NVD entry screen. These responses show up on your pre sale summary reports and can be configured to show up on screen displays.
This new feature simplifies the process of adding NVD responses. Examples of this would be including Saudi Eligible (SAE), Russian Eligible (RE), Antibiotic Free, Grass Fed, and anything else that commonly appears in vendors "Additional Information responses". See below for an example of the new options in action:

Setting up Custom NVD Responses

Updating the Sale Type (for future Sales)

  1. Open Sale Types (Livestock --> Maintenance --> Sale Types)
  2. Select a Sale Type you wish to add a NVD Question answer to 
  3. Find NVD Custom Fields (on the bottom-right) and click New
  4. Add in the NVD Questions
    1. Description will be the text used to populate the Extra Information on the NVD
    2. Public Display Code (Optional) is used if you have a Screen Display on another screen outlaying data to the public
  5. Click OK and it will Save to the Sale Type

Fixing NVD Questions for a Sale

Remember, if you are creating a new sale after adding the NVD Questions to the Sale Type, the NVD Questions will be brought across. If the Sale has been already created, you will need to follow these steps below to add the NVD Questions to the Sale.
To setup the NVD responses for a particular Sale, you need to add them to the Sale Maintenance screen
To do so,
  1. Right-click on the Sale --> Click 'Maintain Sale'

  2. Click on NVD Custom Fields button and add in the Description and/or Public Display Code
  3. Then click OK!
If the Sale has not been added yet and you have completed step 1, any new Sale will inherit the NVD Responses added to the Sale Type

How to use Custom Responses in NVDs

Stockyard on PC

After you have completed Step 2 above, the responses will then be added to the NVD under the Additional Fields section
Custom Responses (Additional Fields) are used when you have the Additional Information filled out on the NVD (Question 8/9). They enable you to quickly add the relevant Additional Information to an NVD with a click of a tick box!
In Livestock subprogram, 
  1. Open a Sale --> Click NVD --> Select an NVD of your choosing
  2. Tick the relevant Additional Field options (1)
    1. These get added to the Extra Information text field (2)
  3. Save the NVD

Stockyard on Mobile

  1. Open the Vendor Summary (there are many ways to get to it, one way is to open the Booking --> Select an Agent (if have multiple) --> Select Vendors (at the top)
  2. Select New Vendor / Open Existing Vendor and Select NVD
    1. Create a New Vendor and select "Add NVD"

    2. Scroll down till you see Additional Questions - Here you will be able to toggle ON / OFF the Response (the responses are added under the Additional Information heading)

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