Update 2024 MERINOSELECT indexes for Sheep Genetics Requirements

Update Stockbook with the latest ASBVs

Take note of current settings (Optional)

Some users may already have specific Breeding values selected for display, as well as high and low values with assigned colours. These preferences will be lost during the update process to accommodate the new breeding values. Please follow the steps below in order to save these preferences:

1. Take a backup of Stockbook
2. Go to "Setup>Performance" and select "Trait Analysis System"
3. Take note of selected breeding values, high and low values, and high and low colours.
4. Take screenshots using your favourite capture tool or take a photo on your phone or simply make a note of your preferences

Update Stockbook with the latest ASBVs

1. Check that you are on the more current version of Stockbook. You can check this by going to Help > About or Help > Check for Upgrades.
2. Take a backup of Stockbook
3. Go to "Setup>Performance" and select "Trait Analysis System"

4. Click "Initialise"

5. You will be prompted with a confirmation. Click 'Yes' twice.

6. It will then look like the below. Please then select "Set Standard Lambplan"

7. You will be prompted with a confirmation. Click 'Yes'.

8. This will set all of the new breeding values.

9. You will then be prompted to tick the checkbox in the 'Use' column for at least 1 ASBV and 1 Index (You may select up to 19 ASBVs)

10. Specify any description, or high and low value/colour preferences as needed, including any new ones that are now available.

11. Click the '✅ Close' button to save your changes.

Done! You will now be able to see the most current ASBVs.

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