Adding Payment Terms on the Tax Invoice

Adding Payment Terms on the Tax Invoice


Starting with version 5.2.0 of Stockyard, we've restructured the way we manage Bank Details for the Company. Previously located under Accounting, this information has now been moved to the Company Proxy in the Main Menu. This adjustment allows all clients, regardless of their use of the Accounting feature, to access and edit these settings seamlessly.

Finding the Remittance Advice details

  1. Click on System --> Company Proxy in the Main Menu screen
  2. Then you will find on the Remittance Advice on the bottom-right of the new window
The Remittance Advice options include:
  1. Payment Acc Name
    1. Account name of your bank account
  2. EFT Payment
    1. Payment BSB
      1. BSB details of the Bank Account
    2. Payment Account No
      1. Account number details of the Bank Account
  3. BPay Biller Code
    1. Adding text to this field will Enable the Payment by BPay. To Disable, remove the text.
    2. Use the Biller Code provided by BPay. The Reference code is auto-generated by Stockyard.
  4. Allow payment by Cheque
    1. Disable/Enable the Cheque (Pay By Mail)
  5. Remittance Credit Card Comment
    1. Adding text to this field will Enable the Payment by Credit Card. To Disable, remove the text.
    2. This will be the comment you want to provide terms and conditions of Credit Card Fees etc.
  6. Reference Type (Reference on the EFT Payment)
    1. Name: Name of the Buyer
    2. Code: Buyer Code
    3. Invoice Number: The Reference number on a Tax Invoice

Adding the Remittance Advice to the bottom of the Tax Invoice

To add the Remittance section at the bottom of the invoice, you need to change it in the Sale Type
  1. Open Sale Type (in Livestock --> Maintenance --> Sale Type)
  2. Find the Sale Type you want to add the Remittance onto
  3. Then click on Report Parameters, find the Invoice report row, and under Unique Process, click on the dropdown to change to "... with Remittance" (Single/Double is fine)
    1. Then click on Cancel 'X' to Save the Report Parameter

Ways to Present the Remittance Details on a Tax Invoice

Save the change in Company Proxy and it will automatically reflect everywhere else without needing to close down Postman / Livestock

Include Only - EFT Payment

Include EFT Payment and Credit Card

Include EFT Payment and Cheque (Pay By Mail)


Include EFT Payment and BPay

Include EFT Payment, Credit Card and Cheque (Pay By Mail)

Include EFT Payment, Credit Card and BPay

Include EFT Payment, Cheque (Pay By Mail) and BPay

Include ALL - EFT Payment, Credit Card, Cheque (Pay By Mail) and BPay

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